What is marijuana?

Pot is a green, earthy colored, or dark blend of dried, disintegrated parts from the maryjane plant. The plant contains synthetic concoctions which follow up on your cerebrum and can change your temperament or awareness.

How individuals use pot?

There are various ways that individuals use maryjane, including

Moving it up and smoking it like a cigarette or stogie

Smoking it in a line

Blending it in food and eating it

Blending it as a tea

Smoking oils from the plant (“spotting”)

Utilizing electronic vaporizers (“vaping”)

What are the impacts of cannabis?

Cannabis can cause both present moment and long haul impacts.

Present moment:

While you are high, you may understanding

Changed faculties, for example, seeing more brilliant hues

Modified feeling of time, for example, minutes seeming like hours

Changes in state of mind

Issues with body development

Issue with speculation, critical thinking, and memory

Expanded craving

Long haul:

In the long haul, cannabis can mess wellbeing up, for example,

Issues with mental health. Individuals who began utilizing cannabis as young people may experience difficulty with speculation, memory, and learning.

Hacking and breathing issues, on the off chance that you smoke pot oftentimes

Issues with youngster advancement during and after pregnancy, if a lady smokes cannabis while pregnant

Would you be able to overdose on maryjane?

It is conceivable to overdose on maryjane, in the event that you take a high portion. Indications of an overdose incorporate uneasiness, alarm, and a fast heartbeat. In uncommon cases, an overdose can cause neurosis and mind flights. There are no reports of individuals passing on from utilizing just cannabis.

Is pot addictive?

In the wake of utilizing weed for some time, it is conceivable to get dependent on it. You are bound to get dependent in the event that you use cannabis consistently or you began utilizing it when you were an adolescent. In the event that you are dependent, you will have a solid need to take the medication. You may likewise need to smoke increasingly more of it to get a similar high. At the point when you attempt to stop, you may have gentle withdrawal indications, for example,


Inconvenience dozing

Diminished hunger



What is clinical cannabis?

The weed plant has synthetic compounds that can help with some medical issues. More states are making it legitimate to utilize the plant as medication for certain ailments. Yet, there isn’t sufficient examination to show that the entire plant attempts to treat or fix these conditions. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not affirmed the pot plant as a medication. Weed is as yet illicit at the public level.

In any case, there have been logical investigations of cannabinoids, the synthetic substances in cannabis. The two fundamental cannabinoids that are of clinical intrigue are THC and CBD. The FDA has affirmed two medications that contain THC. These medications treat sickness brought about by chemotherapy and increment craving in patients who have extreme weight reduction from AIDS. There is likewise a fluid medication that contains CBD. It treats two types of extreme youth epilepsy. Researchers are accomplishing more examination with cannabis and its fixings to treat numerous ailments and conditions.

NIH: National Institute on Drug Abuse

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