PHOTOS: Mile High 420 Festival at Civic Center Park in Denver

This year, the cannabis industry has taken control of the annual 4/20 event in Denver’s Civic Center Park for the first time- organized by Euflora, a growing chain of dispensaries that started on the 16th Street Mall. For the free event that’s now called the Mile High 420 Festival, Euflora officials promise a more professionally run event. Performers will include Lil Wayne, Lil Jon and the Original Wailers.

El Paso deputies confiscate $13M worth of marijuana, guns in first three months of black market crackdown

El Paso County sheriff’s deputies in the first three months of 2018 confiscated about $12 million worth of illegally grown marijuana plants, another $1 million in processed marijuana, made 16 arrests and seized more than a dozen guns under a state law designed to stop the diversion of legal pot to the drug’s black market, the agency announced Friday.